Languages are the essence of communication. With Indian companies as global players, it has become the need of the hour to be well equipped and to be able to be at par with the international as well as multinational players. It is the need of the moment to be able to break the language barrier and to facilitate a smooth conversation to let the businesses communicate with proper flow.

On being able to learn a language and have acquired fluency in the same, a person can think to become a foreign language expert, interpreter, translator or specialist. There are varieties of fields where people can get better job opportunities after qualifying a language course. Such as:

  1. Tourism sector;
  2. Entertainment sector;
  3. Publishing houses;
  4. Corporates having tie ups abroad;
  5. Business houses having offshore links;
  6. Public relation International organizations, etc.

The future of learning foreign languages is at an increasing level with newer avenues opening up each day. When we talk about learning languages from a career point of view then the individual is expected to learn the new language fluently; have a good command over writing, reading as well as speaking that language.

The study of a new language at this pace and level includes learning from the basics like grammatical structure and communication skills and being able to comprehend the speaking, writing, reading as well as listening to the language.

Job Perspectives:

Learning of a new language can open a wide variety of opportunities for a candidate. The fields that get open are:

  1. Teaching;
  2. Freelancer;
  3. Content writer;
  4. Translator,
  5. Interpreter
  6. Transcriptionist etc.

These are very basic opportunities while learning a new language opens many doors for you. Qualification and skills in a foreign language can open the gates for a career in sectors such as tourism, embassies, mass communication, and diplomatic services.

Further, there are multinational corporate bodies that require candidates on a daily basis who are well versed and possess excellent skills in foreign languages. Also, there are options of working remotely as a content writer, translator or decoder.

Even the Government departments have a vacancy for such candidates who have proficiency in a foreign language. The organizations like the (UNO)-united nations organization, food and agriculture organization (FAO), and various Indian national organizations such as the ministry of external affairs, reserve bank of India (RBI), etc. who are in constant need of professionals who specialize in the foreign language

Some top foreign languages to learn French, German, Russian, English, etc.

Pay packet

Professionals who speak foreign languages earn attractive remuneration depending upon the work and the organization. Professionals working for the marketing department of any multinational companies can earn Rupees 30000 to 50000 per month teacher can earn a salary in the range of Rupees 15000 to 25000 per month and a translator on other hand receive Rupees 250 to 500 per page. Salary amount depends a lot upon the proficiency of the candidate in the language. Likewise, the people who are paid to interpret the language can earn Rupees 2000 to 4000 per hour, again depending upon their caliber and work experience

Top companies that heir languages expert are Accenture, Wipro, Fiserv, Tata consultancy services, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, etc.

Tips for getting hired:

There is no elevator to get hired or to get a job in a company as what matters the most is your skills and proficiency in your work. You should be genuinely skilled in the language so that your skills can be beneficially utilized by the company which is going to employ you. However, there are few traits that can help an individual in getting hired. Following are some of the traits:

  1. You must have the passion to learn the foreign language;
  2. If you are looking for long term projects or jobs, learning a few readymade sentences of a foreign language would not help you much. You have to learn and understand the language from the very basics and make your own sentences as we do in our mother tongue.
  3. Any new thing take efforts in the beginning so you may face some hurdles, but the efforts will surely pay in the end.
  4. A learning attitude and zeal to excel is must to build proficiency in the language.
  5. Use active interaction to maximize your communication skills. There is no one better than a native person who understands and can speak his or her language fluently. You can connect with those persons in order to make a healthy communication session whenever you have your free time.

What various multi-national companies and knowledge process outsourcing are looking for in their candidates is the fluency and clarity of the candidate in the language, so you should practice on your skills to gain these attributes in time. So these are the job opportunities available after pursuing a foreign language.

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