If I say this era is a Digital Marketing era, then this will be a correct statement. Although the term “Digital Marketing” has its presence in the world since the time of the Internet, however, it has come into the mainstream just after the year 2010. Before 2010, it was a very less known term, at least in India. Everything was marketed and sold under traditional marketing earlier as people were suspicious about doing business online.

But take this thing for granted that today, more than 50% of business houses have developed their websites in their brand or business name in order to reach maximum people and generate maximum leads. Unlike traditional marketing, businesses are flourishing impeccably through digital marketing.

Factually speaking, the companies are waking up daily to the tune that thier business is lacking somevitamin called “digital marketing” and this is not an option but an important and expedient strategy.

If they can flourish, you surely have better chances to set your career in this. You must have made your account on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, etc. There are “n” numbers of posts that we come across daily regarding funny memes, podcasts, articles, blog posts, videos, etc.

These all are the parts of Digital marketing.  

Why you should go for a career in Digital Marketing?

  1. The world is growing up crazy in Digital marketing. So why shouldn’t you? Of course, everyone wants to cut the competition and get ahead of it by beating the competitors by excelling in something better than others!  
  2. It is absolutely a progressive field where you have to continuously develop your skills in order to keep yourself in growing mode.
  3. Lakhs of jobs are generated in this field every month.
  4. Variety of career opportunities.

Here is the answer to what is the scope or career opportunities after pursuing the digital marketing course?

  1. Digital Marketing Manager – This is the highest position in this field. A digital marketing manager has to lead a full team and then he has to report to the vice president of marketing in his company. He is the mid-senior-level manager. The DMMs are responsible for creating and executing an integrated digital marketing campaign.

To attain this position you need to have at least 6 to 7 years of experience in digital marketing. The salary of a digital marketing manager generally ranges from 15 to 20 lakh. It can go up to 40 lakh and even more.

  • Content Marketing Manager – CMMs are responsible for content marketing. Marketing the content includes managing the sales page copywriting, blogs, press releases, email conversation, video marketing, etc. The salary of Content Marketing Manager ranges from 10 to 15 lakh.
  • Content Writer- A content writer is responsible for creating all the content, articles, blog posts, press release, everything that contains content. To become a content writer there should be zeal in a person to “write”. He or she should be a master of using the right words in the right sentence.

And content writing needs the best knowledge of Search engine optimization that how to use keywords and up to what range a keyword should be used in the content. Also, he or she should know about on-page and off-page SEO. The salary of a content writer ranges between 8 to lakhs or more.

  • Web developer and web designer – These are the people who make the amazing websites that we come across the internet.  The role of a web developer is to develop the websites while the web designer does a lot of things besides designing the website.

And for this role, one has to have deep knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other web programming languages. The salary of Web developer and web designer ranges between 10 to 15 lakh.

  • Inbound Marketing Manager- the work of an inbound marketing manager generally overlaps the work of the content marketer. His responsibility will be towards managing the conversation and funnel at each stage. He can create a strategy to attract customers.  
  • Social Media Marketing Expert – The job of a Social media marketing expert is the chill out job, though every job seems like home if we love the one, however, this does not mean that an SMME has to just tweet and post Facebook ads all the time. Rather he or she is required to keep a check on the latest social media trends and strategize the things accordingly.

He has to coordinate with the content team as well as with the client servicing team on a regular basis.  The salary of an IB generally ranges between 10 to 15 lakh.

  • Search Engine Marketer- This job is one of the most important jobs in digital marketing. SEM is a broad term to define marketing through search engines most preferably through the biggest search engine – Google through its Google AdWords.

The requirement of SEM is based on the size of the company. Big companies always need an expert SEM. An SEM needs to have many years of experience but 2-3 years are sufficient.

  • Search engine Optimizer – Anyone can have free and organic traffic from Google with good knowledge of search engine optimization.  The job of an SEO expert includes searching for organic keywords, using Google Webster tools, and user optimization experience, etc.
  • Copy Writer- A copywriter is a writer who writes an ad copy. He helps the social media manager post better ads on social media platforms. He further helps the content team in refining their content for better reception.
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer – The art of increasing the conversion ratio in the stage of the marketing funnel is known as conversion rate optimization. A CRO expert uses various tools to achieve higher conversions.

These are a few and the best career opportunities after pursuing the course in Digital Marketing. Hope you have got what you were looking for. All the best for your future endeavours.

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