Welcome to Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited. By using the content along with taking the service or services available at “Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited”, the students are bound by this agreement and the terms and conditions provided herein. The term “you” or “user” refers to a student or the one who is availing our services and the term we refer to “Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited”.

  1. Subscription to use our services:

In order to access the services, you may be required to provide personal information about yourself including:

  1. Email address;
  2. Your contact number;
  3. Other personal details as required by the institute.

You may only use the services and can accept the terms if:

  1. You are of legal age to form a binding contract with Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited; or
  2. You are a person not barred from receiving the services under the laws of India or other countries.
  3. You are a person of good character.


  1. Payment of fees
  2. The payment of fees shall be done at the time of admission in the institute and all at once. However, if any student has any financial crisis, he or she can contact the faculty of the institute and the payment in installments can be allowed after looking into the family background of the student.
  3. The fees of any particular course and the fee structure are subject to change, without any prior notification, hence the students are requested to check the fees structure beforehand.
  4. The modes of payment are available at our website itself. However, for ease of the students, we accept cash payments, cheques, Paytm, payment gateway, account transfer, Phonepe, Google pay. You are free to choose any of these modes of payment.
  5. Once the payment is done, no refunds are thereafter entertained in any condition.


  • Replacement of Teacher:

The provision of replacing a particular teacher is available at Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited in case of holidays or sickness of the teacher. However, if the students are facing any kind of discrimination, partiality or any bad behavior at the hands of any teacher, he or she shall directly contact the director of the institute.

  1. Certification

The certificates will be provided to the students after qualifying the particular course he has registered for.

  1. Timing of classes

The students have to strictly follow the time and schedule of classes. Any bonafide reason can be entertained once; however, the classes will not be conducted for a single student again and again if the reason for absence from class is not bonafide.

  1. Limitation of Liability

Notwithstanding anything contained in the whole website of Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited, in no event the director, the teachers or any staff of Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited  shall be liable for anything arising out of or in any way whether direct, indirect, or consequential related to the user’s use of this website

  • Variation of terms

Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited is permitted to revise the terms and conditions at any time due to any contingency in the future. You are requested to review the terms on a regular basis in order to avoid any conflict.

  • Restrictions

The users are strictly restricted:

  1. From copying and using the content of the website for commercial purpose as such acts will be subjected to copyrights;
  2. Using the name or material of the website in any way that may cause damage to the reputation and dignity of Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited;
  3. Engaging in any data mining, data extracting, data harvesting or any other similar activity in relation to our website;
  4. Using the website in any way that impacts user access to our website;
  5. Using our website to engage in any kind of advertising or marketing.


  1. Other terms and conditions:
    1. Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited is not responsible for the underperformance of any student.
    2. Liability of Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited towards students is only till the completion of the course and limited only to extend of fees paid.
  2. Access and interference:

Being a user you agree that:

  1. You will not use any deep-link, robot, or other similar automated data gathering tool, algorithm, method or program to access, acquire or monitor Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited or any portion of it; or
  2. You will not use or attempt to use any software tool or engine to navigate or search Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited other than the search engines and search agents available through the service.
  3. You will not transmit or post any file that contains the virus, worms, Trojan horses or any other destructive features or otherwise interfere with the working of Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited.


  1. Privacy and security policy

The use of our website by the users and any personal information about the user collected by Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited through or in connection with the site is subject to our privacy and security policies.

You represent that you will not create an account for anyone else other than yourself. Also, the information provided by you while creating a student account with us is true, complete and accurate.

  • Indemnity

The users agree to indemnify Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited, its employees, staff, third party content providers and licensors from and against:

  1. All actions, claims, demands, suits, costs, expenses incurred, aroused, or suffered in connection with or out of the user’s conduct;
  2. Any direct or indirect results of the user’s access, use or transaction on the website or attempts to do so; or
  3. Any other act or conduct with malafide intention to infringe the rights of other students or any staff of Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited.


  • Governing Law:

The terms are governed by the Indian laws. Any dispute, proceeding, claim, or controversy arising in any way relating to or out of the terms and the rights created hereby shall be governed, interpreted and construed in the manner provided by the Indian legislations.