As an affluent marketer, you’d understand the value social media brings to any business with its mass appeal. At Aggregate Falcon Academy, we believe, social media if used in the optimal way can boost your business in a way that no traditional form of marketing can. Henceforth, we bring to you a Social Media Marketing Certification Course to help you stand at par with the trending online and digital marketing tools.

Our practical way of approach and exceptional and intensive course shall help you bring in

  • Genuine leads,
  • Increase conversions,
  • Build your business a new dimension,
  • Attract potential clients,
  • Build loyalty,
  • Create brand awareness amongst masses.

Having an effective social media marketing strategy boosts your other forms of marketing. It acts as an added advantage when you’re trying to build brand awareness, drive word of mouth, and attract buyers.

Build and effective social media strategy

Set up social listening and moderation

Create memorable content

Increase your reach

Improve digital marketing

Analyse your returns on a daily, weekly, monthly basis

• Curate a special and unique social media strategy for your business, clients or the company you work at
• Build an inbound social media strategy keeping in mind your target audience.
• Use the influence of the masses on social media to change the shape of your business by giving it a fresh new approach.

How to develop a social media strategy- Promotions and advertisements that take advantage of advanced social and digital technologies. Your social media strategy shouldn’t replace your ongoing marketing model, but instead, it should be integrated with it to create a bigger and larger impact.

Social media has the potential to turn into one of your largest target market, that you can even reach organically if you put social media technology and tools into proper use. It’s a space where you can directly get in touch with clients and hence improve your performance. It’s something the whole team can benefit from.

Yes, it is important to spread your message on social media as aggressively as you can, but it’s also a medium for social media listening and monitoring.

Having interactive and engaging content is the first and foremost part of building a brand online. Before strategizing and executing your social media strategy, you should first plan your SEO friendly content. To build loyalty and drive sales, focus on quality content as it can surely make all the difference.

To spread a positive message about your brand, you need to associate yourself with influencers who can reach your target market. Take advantage of influencer marketing to spread your brand’s message across.

With a platform as large as social media, you can reach millions of people. However, you should also try to put your efforts in building one-on-one relationships with clients to encourage them to trust you and increase reach by word of mouth. Social media allows you to indulge with clients in a professional and secure way.

On the completion of this insightful course, you shall be attempting an exam. Upon passing, you shall be awarded with a certificate of completion. The certificate bejewels your CV / Resume and puts you in the radar of great companies of clients if you’re looking to build a career as a freelance social media marketer or social media influencer.

Other than using the benefits of our course for your own brand, our course also allows you to start your own social media channel. Our special sessions cover all areas required to build content for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc. Social Media Influencers are all the rage nowadays and with the expertise of our course, you too can get started on your on content creator journey!

As evolving as it is, social media comes with its risks and challenges. As you step into social media marketing, you need to have prerequisite knowledge of the opportunities as well as the risks ahead. At Aggregate Falcon Academy, we train you to be affluent with the shortcomings of social media and come up with a plan for any critical situation if need be.

Social media marketing

In the end, we emphasise on how to measure your returns. Return on Investment (ROI), is not easy to measure but if you are able to do so, you can use the analysis in future campaigns and only get better. 

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