To help you grow your online marketing career, Aggregate Falcon Academy offers you a professional SEO certification course. It shall give you a platform to showcase your skills and put your learnings and knowledge to practical use. Improve your CV / Resume as we educate you in the field of Search Engine Optimisation. This is a perfect opportunity for beginners, budding professionals, and freelance marketers, to expand their expertise and move a step forward towards success.

Search Engine Optimisation is an integral part of Search Engine Marketing and hence, our intensive course is designed keeping in mind the growth of your business. We take you through the main essence of internet marketing by giving prime focus to search engine optimisation. It’ll benefit you to run your online business successfully or even take your offline business online.

Before we dive into techniques and strategies that you can apply, we shall introduce topics like basic web development are much more. We brush you through science of marketing and also include overall personality development in the course structure along with:

These basics shall strengthen your core knowledge as you being your online marketing journey with the help of our best budgeted course with maximum modules.

Another important subject we shall brush you through is optimising websites to rank better on search engine web results with our practical way of approach:

  • Learning about search engine friendly designs to improve your website
  • Make your website easily discoverable by search engines
  • Once discovered, it’ll improve your position in the search engine results pages
  • Practical knowledge and use of advanced techniques like Meta tags, link structure, title, etc.

Having a beautiful website which functions perfectly is not enough, with the competition in the market, you need to be discovered by search engines to procure traffic and clients. There are many elements that go into creating a website and you, as a marketer need to know which elements to focus on to rank better. In our Search Engine Optimisation course, we will be guiding you on the following:

  • Focusing on keywords in your content is extremely important. To successfully index your website on search engines, you will have to research on keywords and curate keyword rich content. Such SEO friendly content is the first step towards ranking better.
  • Since search engines work on algorithms to skim through the websites and obtain its information, we shall dig deeper into how search engine algorithms work and their updated versions.
  • We shall also help you in keeping your content, visual and textual relevant to gain a better position.
  • We will study in-depth about Google and how they rank websites so that you can focus more on those elements.

The next part of your marketing strategy has to be link building metrics and the process of obtaining links.

  • We shall help you understand the process of obtaining links, types of links that can be obtained, how to increase number of links to your website.
  • Why are links important? They are used by professional web marketers to increase the authority of their website and also its relevance.

Having a team of expert webmasters, we can help you with useful and practical tips and tricks which you can apply at your job, start-up, and business or with your online marketing clients.

You have to understand that there is no absolute formula to optimise search engine results. You have to keep trying new things and update yourself with the changing algorithms of search engines. In order to be successful at adapting yourself to hit and trial method of SEO, you have to be able to tactfully analyse yourself.

At Aggregate Falcon Academy, we shall teach you how to use particular tools made to optimise your website and analyse factors that could affect your ranking. Our course is deigned keeping in mind the needs of modern professionals looking to better their business or get a boost in their career.

In our specially curated course you shall also be receiving free software kits as well as:

  • Learn about search engine protocols
  • How to track and measure success
  • Which tools to use for your respective field
  • Put together all separate elements and methods of SEO and combine them to create a unique SEO strategy to fit your needs.

Our course shall not only equip you with knowledge, but shall also help you plan the execution for an internship or a life time job. Whether you are:

  • A businessman planning to open an online business or
  • An entrepreneur who already has a website and wants to optimise to increase ranking by following the taught practices and use available resources.
  • A freelancer who wants to build a professional reputation with current and potential clients.

Our in-house expert faculty has years on experience and can therefore help you figure out what’s good and what’s not for your business as sometimes you might unintentionally hurt your website’s ranking by following outdated practices.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Certification course is fully updated, filled with practical knowledge, multiple case studies, industry-level strategies, to help you figure out what’s best for you.

At “Aggregate Falcon Academy Pvt. Ltd.”, besides providing education we aim at assuring that the teachings we give set an impeccable mark in the career of the students.


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