Learning knows no age. And age is just a number. As you are from traditional marketing, you can very well shift your career towards digital marketing. Also, it is a cherry on the cake for you if you are from the marketing background itself as most of the people are fresher’s who want to build their career in digital marketing but are not well versed with “marketing” term alone.

However, if the freshers can learn digital marketing easily, you too surely can. Traditional marketing is in the debate with Digital marketing since the later has taken more power than the former. More or less, we cannot deny that both of the ways of marketing have their own benefits.

What is Traditional Marketing?

The conventional methods of marketing that are used from the time immemorial are the traditional methods of marketing that do not require the technology to intervene the methods of marketing is called as traditional marketing.

Some of the examples include Television, Radio, Newspaper, Billboard advertisement and magazine ads.

What is Digital Marketing?

The new age marketing of the global realm that uses the technology as the way of marketing your products and services is referred to as digital marketing. Some people call it online marketing while some call it web marketing and others call it internet marketing.

Some examples include Internet, search engine optimization, blogs, social media optimization, email marketing, targeting and remarketing, paid pop up ads, Mobile phones, SMS, MMS, etc.

The methods and options become vast in digital marketing method.

There is a new type of marketing which is booming nowadays. It is called micro-moment marketing. After understanding this new way of marketing, it gets more convenient to get a feel for the way in which digital marketing needs to be approached differently than traditional advertising.

Micro moment marketing is the general term for the searches that are made by the consumers and which is catching great momentum today. The types of advertisements that are displayed in front of consumers are mostly absurd and they do not react to such ads while they prefer to make a quick search every time they want to buy or know about a product or service.

Benefits of shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing:

There are many perks of shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Following are a few of them:

  1. Generation of more leads with a very less cost: There were the days when the business houses or corporations had to send a huge amount of money on traditional ways of advertising and promoting their products and services.
  2. However, now with the help of digital marketing methods like SEO, SMM, and SMO, etc. it has become very easy to generate more leads while investing a very reasonable amount of money. Also, these methods include organic as well as paid marketing.
  3. Time effective and saver: Undoubtedly, the methods of digital marketing saves a lot much time than it is wasted in the traditional type of marketing.
  4. Brand development: One can own an entire website to build the name of his or her brand by investing just a small amount of money. Also, the website will showcase the ads and promote the brand as and when required.
  5. Works in every field: The field, product or service you are working or dealing in, is immaterial as the digital marketing works for all the professions and business houses.
  6. Retargeting and remarketing: Internet is such a technology that saves the data of your customer once he or she visits your website in order to help you retarget and remarket those customers again. And the technology uses “cookies” to help you do this.

Now, if you want to shift your career from traditional marketing to digital marketing then the first step is to learn digital marketing. And trust us; this concept is so vast to know that you cannot compromise to miss a single aspect of it.

You have to learn it from the basic. It becomes easy as you take interest in it and try to learn it whole heartedly.

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