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Aggregate Falcon Academy is a complete solution for all your immigration related queries. We intend to provide you with a complete and step by step procedure to migrate to foreign countries. Aggregate Falcon Academy aims at presenting you with the opportunity to work and settle in developed countries.


We provide immigration services in the well-developed countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada. An iceing to the cake, we have a streamlined, budget-friendly and well-structured process. We are aimed at providing you with the varied immigration options as per your requirements is our forte.

Where you would like to settle? What is the reason behind you settling abroad? Financial stability, work, more career options or higher studies?

Aggregate Falcon Academy assists you as an immigration service partner. Moreover, we stand  for you in each and every step you take towards your new future.

Successful immigration to Australia, Canada and New-Zealand is our strong point.

Australia holds many promises for tradespeople and skilled professionals. In addition, Australia holds the record for most liveable cities around the world.

So, here are some of the reasons people migrate to this country
● Subsidised or Free health-care in public hospitals
● Subsidised or Free education. The quality of education is high.
● Provides dual citizenship
● The Australian economy is very good

To know more about why to migrate to Australia, kindly contact our specialised Australian immigration team. Our team will guide you in the processes involved to immigrate to Australia. In fact, we will discuss with you the requirements and how you can secure your visa with ease and grace.

New Zealand is a land of opportunities! With the ranking top in the survey for “quality of life” by expats, you can surely have high hopes. With its unique adventure sports and natural beaches, New Zealand is indeed a place to be.

Here are some of the reasons people migrate to New Zealand:-
● Better healthcare systems
● Top-ranked education systems.
● Job opportunities are high
● Multiculturalism

So, if you are interested to know more about immigration to New Zealand, Connect to our special immigration team for New Zealand. Our team will assist in how to proceed further for immigration.

Immigration opportunities in Canada

Are you looking for a country where you can find your own community?

Canada is famous for its multiculturalism across the world. Moreover, it is considered as the most preferred country. In a year approximately 2-3 lacs people immigrate to Canada. With the advent of the Express Entry System, the chances of getting a Permanent residentship has increased.

Furthermore, here are some of the reasons people are migrating to Canada.
● Job opportunities are very high for immigrants
● One of the best healthcare systems in the world
● World class education system
● Safe country to live in. The corruption rate is very low.

Kindly contact our Canada immigration team to know more about immigration to Canada. Our expert team will be your partner in fulfilling your dream of settling in Canada.

There are multiple visa options through which you can apply for a visa in Canada. We will make sure that you get the right visa at the earliest.

We have already provided successful immigration services to all three countries. We know that you must be having a few questions about your immigration.

To give you the best opportunities, kindly connect with our immigration consultants Today!

we will discuss with you the requirements and how you can secure your visa with ease and grace.

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