Life is all about learning every day, every minute and every second. One cannot survive for too long if he or she stops learning new things. Whatever a person possesses in his brain, he has got that by learning from other people. We all know one thing that a person has not bought anything with him and will not take anything along with. So what’s the harm in updating oneself and learning new things regularly?

This era is an independent era. And having proficiency in other languages is an imperative skill that opens many opportunities to connect with the outside world in a more meaningful way.

The road to language fluency is always as long as it is not a single night endeavour. However, when you are on this road and keep going, you start getting better.

Learning another language never goes in vain rather bestows many benefits to you in different ways and makes you aware of the enriching culture associated with a particular language.

Benefits of learning a second language:

  1. “Learning” good stuff is always beneficial: Ever since we have started understanding this world, we have started gaining the senses in an accurate manner, we are in learning mode. And if you are an optimist, then you can relate to this benefit of learning a new language. You will see it as an opportunity that can unveil many curtains for you.
  2. Career prospects: Learning a new language will make your career boost. First of all, you could get to know and talk to the people in a better way who speaks that other language you are going to learn.

Secondly, the career opportunities get widen by connecting and collaborating with such people. Employers are always in search of talented people and an extra language in your resume will be a cherry on the cake.

For Example: You have a LinkedIn profile, and your first language is English. Suppose you come across a very good job opportunity with of course the best incentives, but the job needs a “German” language speaker and writer for the job who can collaborate with clients overseas. In this case, if you have learnt “German”, you have more chances to get hired.

  • You get to know other people’s culture: When you hear about a Punjabi person, you know his culture includes “Bhangra, Makki di Roti and Sarso da Saag”. Similarly, when you learn a new language, you get to know about the culture of the people having that language as their mother tongue.
  • Study or research purposes: New language gives you access to a wide range of information regarding your subjects. It enables you to communicate with other students and researchers from different place and culture.
  • Keeps your mind active: This is a proven fact that any person, who knows, speaks and writes any language apart from his first language, has better retaining power, improved memory, enhanced focus, built-in sharp reasoning and thinking capacity, and multitasking skills, etc.
  • Family and friends: You may get your partner, your in-laws from a different place who speak a different language. Learning that particular language can set your life at ease.
  • Get to know the place in a better way: It’s an obvious thing that when you learn a new language and the culture related to it, you will explore more about the place where the language is spoken as the mother tongue. In case you want to travel, visit or shift to that place for a job or any other purpose, that place will be no more a formal place for you.
  • Get better sense to empathize other people: Generally speaking, when we do not know about others, especially the people from different background, culture and language, we judge them very quickly without actually knowing the facts and situation. Exceptions are always there. However, when we get to know them completely, we know their nature, living standards and try to empathize with them.
  • No difficulty while watching movies in a different language: No doubt, sometimes we get the option of dubbing the words into our language, but we couldn’t enjoy the movie properly. Learning new languages keep people at ease and away from any such hindrances.
  • Secret Communication: I find this one as an imperative benefit as you get a plus point to communicate in a new language with some people without letting the surrounded people know what you are talking about.

Hence, language is directly linked to the culture and learning ultimately teaches you to know many things about others. You will not only get the benefit of being respected of speaking more than one language but also you will get connected with the roots of another place culture.

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