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Remember, when you were new to the “language” world? You did not even know the meaning of language. That was the time when your parents, as well as teachers, taught you your native or mother language and you had learn that step by step without any hindrance. This means that learning a new language knows no limits or boundaries. Similarly, French is a Neo-Latin or Romance Language which is often spoken in the Indo-European families.

Before beginning the course to learn any language, it is important for an individual to know about the origin, history, existence, unknown facts and other related information about that particular language. All these factors strengthen the base to start with and maintain the harmony which makes it easier to learn.

After the rise of the 16th century, when there was colonization of two countries, France and Belgium, at that time French was introduced in the new territories of Asia, Africa, and America. It is estimated that more than 235 million people speak the French language daily and that too fluently.

This language is the official language of twenty-nine countries, most of which are members of OIF short for Organization International de la Francophonie. It is spoken as the first language in France, Belgium, Canada, the United States, and Italy. These are some countries amongst others to name a few.

French replaced the Latin during the 17th century. It became the most important language of diplomacy and international relationships. With the rise of the 19th century, the French Government made it compulsory to teach French in the schools and use of any other language was highly restricted.

Surprisingly, the document which was written in French for the first time dates back to 842. Interesting fact – In French language the Grammar is greatly simplified. For Instance – Feminine and masculine gender is differentiated but they are not marked in the noun rather in the accompanying adjective or article.

Yes, when the outside world is full of Educational Institutions that offer the same course, there comes a question in the mind of the potential reader as to why shall you choose us? Following are the attributes that make us totally different from the other Institutes:

  • Personal details confidentiality – Here at Aggregate Falcon Academy Pvt. Ltd., we keep a special provision and check on the confidentiality of the personal details of all the students. There is no chance of confidential data going the outside our systems as we have very secured systems with us.
  • Friendly approach – We focus on student orientation. We are familiar with the fact that students hesitate and feel shy to communicate while sitting in a class of many people. However, we make it easier for our students to interact by reaching their level of learning while asking them frequent questions.
  • Expedient Solutions – There is nothing in this universe that does not have a solution. Some students may find it difficult to cope up with the pace of the rest of the class. We can facilitate those students by providing them alternate timings to learn at their own pace
  • Focus on Learning – We are here to make you understand and learn the French language. And this is our primary concern. No matter, what other educational institutes do. We provide you with the best faculty you have ever come across and we are proud that we have such Professionals.
  • One on One doubt sessions – We do not hurry. Hurry is the work for Devil. We give leisure time to our students to understand the language first and then we keep one on one doubt sessions on weekends. We leave no stone unturned until we satisfy every student of ours.
  • Surprise Tests – Yes, there are surprise tests. For some students, tests are a way to examine their potential while for some they are headaches. However, these surprise tests are conducted to examine the level of all the students as well as our teaching system and both are improvised accordingly.
  • Involvement in speech tests – As French is a language; mere writing tests cannot bring true results. Therefore, we conduct speech tests as well. And we make sure that each and every student gets the chance to speak in class. Also, the speech topic is generally given to the students beforehand.
  • Goal-Oriented – We aim at achieving our set goals, i.e. ultimate and successful learning by the students; unless there is no fun of having such a great impact.

Theoretically speaking, these are some of the attributes that we can display here, but the real beauty of our teaching system can be seen only in practice. So if you want to learn the French language, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and enroll for your seat. We wish you a happy learning.

Our Academy and the attributes

At “Aggregate Falcon Academy Pvt. Ltd.”, besides providing education we aim at assuring that the teachings we give set an impeccable mark in the career of the students. For us, it is more like achieving a milestone when students learn the course and get certified with the same.

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