With a recorded user base of more than 2.25 billion people, there is no social media platform as large as Facebook. At Aggregate Falcon Academy, we firmly believe that Facebook marketing is the way to go and has multiple benefits in the coming years. With our Facebook marketing certification course, you too can affiliate yourselves with marketing techniques made for the new-age digital marketers. Align yourself with the future of marketing at our academy.

As experts in the field of marketing, we can tell you why you need to take up a Facebook Marketing with us to boost your current business:

  • Apart from traditional marketing tools, Facebook has shown immense potential for businesses to find acquire new customers.
  • With a rich data base of users, you can appeal to masses who actively use the platform to organically promote and advertise your product.
  • By increasing your reach, you can see a positive growth in sales. Genuine leads convert into large sales and this is only possible when you are reaching out to genuine active users.
  • Facebook also gives you a perfect opportunity to build cordial relationships with your clients. With a personal touch, you can leave a memorable and lasting impression on users.

Facebook, as a platform for marketing, offers two certifications called Blueprint certifications. One deals in planning and one is buying. They are highest form of certifications officially recognised by Facebook for high-level proficiency on their ad platform.

These exams are rigorous, protected and tough to crack, even for experts. You need to be thorough with Facebook’s form of digital marketing in order to crack this exam. Prerequisite knowledge like developing strategy, tracking and reporting, measuring performance, and troubleshooting, etc., are just a few areas where you need show your skills and prove your advanced proficiency.

As difficult as it is to earn these Facebook certifications, it is also very fruitful in terms of landing the dream job and working under a large company. To get ahead in your career or to even give it the right start, a Facebook Blueprint Certification has proven to be highly useful and hence recommended by all digital marketers.

However, it is not imperative to achieve it. You have to understand that these certifications are an added bonus to your CV. As a professional, they boost your reputation in the industry. With resources like time and money, you too can earn the certifications and see what a difference it actually makes in your career.

To be taken seriously at a digital marketing firm or at your company or by your digital marketing clients (if you’re a freelancer), we help you prepare for the exam so that you’re well acquainted with the dos and don’ts before you attempt it. We make your journey less stressful and ease out the process.

course includes:

• Introductory Details
• How to handle Facebook Page and keep posts relevant
• Facebook Ads- campaign objectives, target audience, interactive graphics, analyse insights to optimise resources
• A full guide to Facebook’s policies on advertisements- ad disapproval, account status.
• Facebook Messenger guide
• E-commerce using Facebook shop feature
• Brand Awareness campaigns that can even be run on Instagram. Link both the platforms for optimal use.
• Facebook pixel
• Driving online sales
• Generating leads

what separates our course from others is:

• We teach basic web development
• We provide with free software kits
• An opportunity for an internship and life-time job
• Best budgeted course with maximum modules covered
• Our practical way of approach
• Science of marketing and an overall approach of personality development

The high level of difficulty and universality of the certification, assures the employers of its integrity and your hard work. Without having to say or do much, you can leave a mark in your interviews with these certifications on your CV.

Both an entrepreneur and an employee benefit from these certifications. An entrepreneur can designate and hire better while an employee or a candidate can shine in their respective fields as more and more businesses experiment with Facebook Ads.

To reap the benefits that come with these renowned Facebook Blueprint Certifications, join our course as we bring you a step closer to achieving your digital marketing course.

Our Facebook Certification course which includes hours of training, mock tests, quizzes, practical knowledge, is the most comprehensive one in the market, available to you at exclusive prices. Be it entrepreneurs, bloggers, freshers, consultants, marketers, our highly recommended course will benefit all.

An opportunity for an internship and life-time job


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