English speaking or writing is one of the many things dreaded by students all over the India. Due to not being our mother tongue or first preference of communication, many people find it hard to make use of verbal or non-verbal english.

Our english learning course has been designed for students of all levels of proficiency. Whether you are a beginner with little or no command over english or you are an intermediate or expert looking to hone your english speaking and writing skills, this english learning course at AFAPL is the clear cut choice for you.

Throughout the course, students get to build up their communication skills via means of group discussions and day to day scenarios. Special attention is paid towards grammar, pronunciation, speaking and vocabulary. With each day and each level of this course, students get more confident as they begin to hold grasp of verbal as well as written english.

Our faculty is renowned and expert in the language. We provide personalized feedbacks and guidance for every student so that they can track their progress and come out as a confident person socially and professionally.

In this course, students get to develop and make strong their basics first. Then we move up at a pace which is tailor made and suitable for each and every student.


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