Yes, you can earn passive income while studying digital marketing at the same time. As the name suggests, passive income is the income earned on a side basis. With little more efforts, this income can be received regularly. Somewhere the concept is related to “unearned income” which has two sources: either through rental premises or from paper writing service or trade activities. And these are such activities that do not require you to participate materially in them.

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Further, you must have heard a term called “remote working”. It is quite hectic for anyone to work for 9 to 6 timing in a job and study at the same time. However, this era has found a better solution for students like you who have the zeal to earn while learning.

There are “n” number of companies who provide “remote” work to people who either:

  1. Want to earn extra income; or
  2. Want to work from remote locations; or
  3. Cannot manage a 9 to 6 job;

Such jobs are open for anyone who has knowledge in the Digital marketing. However, some companies prefer people with experience of at least 2-3 years.

How can you align yourself to earn passive income while studying at the same time?

We at Aggregate Falcons Academy Private Limited, have a system in which we teach all the courses of Digital marketing in chronological order, i.e. from the basics.

  1. Starting from SEO (search engine optimization), when we will educate you with every basic and big thing about this, you will be eligible to take projects in content writing. Remote writers are earning a very handsome salary while writing content for companies. Also, you can start your own blog side by side.
  2. Then we will shift to Search engine marketing and pay per click advertising: when you will get full knowledge of this, you will be able to do internet marketing of the websites you will work for by increasing their visibility in SERPs (search engine result page). People who have knowledge in this domain earn even more than the writers. Now, you will be having the knowledge both of SEO and SEM, so you fetch projects in both the domains.
  3. Next will be Social media marketing in which we will teach you how to generate leads through social media platforms like Facebook ads, LinkedIn, etc. Every next step in digital marketing helps you achieve a better level in digital marketing and opens a wide range of options. So, now you will have three domains qualified hence, opportunities will get widen.
  4. Content marketing- this is another level after the content has been created. The work of the content marketer is to distribute content to a targeted audience online.
  5. Affiliate marketing: in this type of marketing you earn income when on your recommendation, someone buys the products from some websites.
  6. Influencer marketing: it is a form of SMM that involves endorsements from influencers who possess an expert level of knowledge and social influence in their respective domain.
  7. Email marketing is the marketing of websites done via emails. This generally requires the soft skills to draft an email as well as to know the targeted audience to whom you have to send that email.

The benefits of such jobs are:

Some of the benefits of remote jobs are:

  1. You can work in your leisure time of the day;
  2. You will get the flexible working schedule;
  3. You can work from any place in the world, be it your home or any other place, no one is going to ask you any question regarding that;
  4. You will either earn per project basis or monthly;

Do’s and Don’ts of remote working:

Following are some of the do’s and don’ts:

  1. You should sign an agreement with the company with which you will work, the reason being that the agreement will protect your interest from any kind of fraud in the future at the hands of the company;
  2. You have to submit or complete the task given to you within the deadlines provided to you by the company;
  3. You have to strictly follow the guidelines mentioned for every project or task allocated to you;

Where you can find such jobs:

There are many online platforms available where you can make your profile to search, explore and apply for the work. Following are some of the portals:

  1. Linkedin;
  2. Reddit;
  3. Facebook groups;
  4. Indeed;
  6. Upwork;
  7. Fiverr;

These are a few online portals; however, there are many other portals where you can find remote work in Digital marketing.

Hence, if you want to earn passive income while studying digital marketing then yes you can definitely earn while learning. Also, the time when you will qualify the whole course, you will fetch a good experience till then.

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